Cluster Subgraphs

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Cluster Subgraph # Genes in Subgraph Associated NeuroMMSig(s) Selection
1 12 AKT1 Akt/mTOR subgraph, Akt subgraph
2 1 MAPT, CDK5, GSK3B, DYRK1A, PRKACA GSK3 subgraph, Cyclin-CDK subgraph, Dopaminergic subgraph, Notch signaling subgraph, Tau protein subgraph, DYRK1A subgraph
10 IL1B, NLRP3 Caspase subgraph, Interleukin signaling subgraph
14 MAPK8 MAPK subgraph, MAPK-JNK subgraph, Bcl-2 subgraph
15 H3F3A Interferon signaling subgraph
6 IL6 Interleukin signaling subgraph, Interferon signaling subgraph
7 TP53 Cell cycle subgraph
3 11 DNMT1 Transcription subgraph
2 SDC2 Syndecan subgraph
3 APOE, PICALM, TOMM40, CD33 APOE subgraph, Endosomal lysosomal subgraph, Matrix metalloproteinase subgraph
4 SNCA, CRH, UCN Innate immune system subgraph, Synuclein subgraph, CRH subgraph
5 MTHFR Vitamin subgraph, Folate metabolic subgraph
8 CASP3, CYCS Caspase subgraph, XIAP subgraph
9 BCL2, GDNF Caspase subgraph, Bcl-2 subgraph, Neurotrophic subgraph
4 13 MAPK9 MAPK subgraph