The table below lists all the enrichment experiments for each of the datasets, modalities, and comparison possible.

Dataset Omics Type Database vs Normal/Other Cluster
PPMI RNAseq GO Normal Download
PPMI RNAseq GO Clusters Download
PPMI RNAseq KEGG Normal Download
PPMI RNAseq KEGG Clusters Download
PPMI Methylation GO Normal Download
PPMI Methylation GO Clusters Download
PPMI Methylation KEGG Normal Download
PPMI Methylation KEGG Clusters Download
ROSMAP RNAseq GO Normal Download
ROSMAP RNAseq KEGG Normal Download
ROSMAP RNAseq GO Clusters Download
ROSMAP RNAseq KEGG Clusters Download
ROSMAP Methylation GO Normal Download
ROSMAP Methylation KEGG Normal Download
ROSMAP Methylation KEGG Clusters Download